Testing Song 2016 (I Can’t Feel My Face)

Testing season got you down?

Ashley Haddox-Williams, a teacher at Hayes Elementary School (one of the schools working with The Learner First in Oklahoma City), and her husband have recorded a little musical relief. Each year, the couple crafts and records a song for Hayes.

This year’s tune, a parody of The Weekend’s “Can’t Feel My Face,” offers encouragement for the kids who are or will soon be enduring the latest barrage of standardized testing.

We got a real kick out of it and we hope you will too.


Testing Song 2016 (I Can’t Feel My Face)


Yeah, I know that you are testing me at least I’m not alone.
The test is here and I’m not scared to show how far I’ve come.
I’m gonna take my test, and do my best, and dab when I’m done.
This I know…
This I know…

Teacher said don’t worry about it.
Teacher said you know all you need to know.
Teacher said don’t worry, you got it!
I’m confident and ready to go! Go! Go! Oh!

I know Imma pass it when I’m through
Yeah, I know it! Yeah, I know it!
Reading, science, history, and math too
Dominate it!
Annihilate it!

Chris “Cole” Williams
On behalf of:
Hayes Elementary, Oklahoma City Public Schools, 2016