We’re Back!

The Learner First have updated our website, and it is more than just a fancy new look – we have added helpful content about what we do and how we do it, including a breakdown of our framework and the tools we use. There is also a page for our videos, flyers and papers. We will be adding more over the coming weeks and also blogging regularly, so watch for those to come through or subscribe to get updates.

Our Vision
At The Learner First, we believe that every child deserves Hope, the Capacity to succeed, an energizing Purpose and a sense of Place in our world.

Our Mission
We help transform schools and systems from standardized to personalized to deep by putting the learner first.

As we continue to reach out and make new connections, we are striving to turn this blog into a place for people looking for some educational inspiration. We will be sharing more of our knowledge, thoughts and ideas through this blog over the coming months. Or, if you have topics you would like to hear about, please let us know!