Designing Deep Learning

Learning is deepest when it connects to students’ lives – who they are, what they are interested in learning, and how they can use their learning to make a difference in their own lives, the lives of others, and the world.

When thinking about how to design “deeper” learning experiences, it helps to keep a couple things in mind.

  • Length doesn’t matter. The most powerful learning experiences are not necessarily lengthy or even complex. For each learning experience, no matter the size and scope, think about how specific elements can be deepened to improve outcomes for learners.
  • Technology enables pedagogy (Michael Fullan). Technology’s value in teaching and learning is not inherent – it’s only valuable when effectively leveraged to deepen teaching and learning. When accelerating learner outcomes through digital technologies, the focus should not be placed on the complexity or sophistication of the tools themselves, but rather on how the tools are directly facilitating student engagement with and development of key learning focuses.

After developing an understanding of who your students are and what really excites them, use that understanding to the benefit of every learner – and everyone their learning will impact.