The New Assessment Challenge

Creating a new system to assess learners has its challenges, but it can be done.


Start by considering what matters most to your learners, within their context. Think about what success means and describe what it looks like. Once you have this picture of success firmly implanted in your mind, ask yourself the following question:

What evidence (likely to be about 5-7 pieces of evidence) do I need to have to prove to anyone that this learner (or multiple learners) has achieved success?

We no longer rely on the single metric of a standardized test. The education world has moved to look for wider evidence of success and recognizes that single narrative thinking no longer serves us. We now use standardized tests, student work products, peer and self-assessments, written work, presentations, projects, etc., to provide evidence.

What do we do once we’ve gathered all the pieces of assessment evidence?


The added value in using a mixed-method approach to assessment is that all the available evidence comes together to provide a complete picture of whether individual learners are on track for success.

For our learners to grow up in our ever-evolving world, we need to relook at what we believe is important for each learner in their own context. This means changing how we view the learner, along with how we measure their success.

The Learner First implements this way of thinking with Authentic Mixed Method Assessment. You can read more about it on our AMMA page.