Karanga: A Call out in Welcome to Better Lives for Learners

“While the previous industrial era demanded that nations provide one-size-fits-all mass education, the current digital revolution demands personalized, holistic education that will prepare humans to identify and develop their own talent, competencies and emotions . . .”

– From “Education for Tomorrow’s World, Today” by Manjula Dissanayake and Dominic Regester

Executive Team members Louka Parry (The Learning Future, Australia), Dominic Regester (Salzburg Global Seminar, Austria), Jennifer Adams (Educating Leaders, Canada), and Joanne McEachen (The Learner First, United States), along with a core team of educators and leaders located around the world, have announced the formation of a new Global Alliance for Social Emotional Learning and Life Skills called Karanga.

The alliance strives to support policy makers and practitioners to promote equitable social and emotional learning and life skills (SEL-LS) through platforms that drive and connect efforts globally. The core of its vision is to create “a thriving world where all learners are enabled with the skills to succeed in school, work, and life.”

Karanga is a Māori word that means “a call out in welcome.” For this new global movement, the call is to a deeper approach to education, one that puts learners first and at the center of their learning by developing the outcomes people need to succeed.

Learning of this kind knows no ages or borders; its outcomes are global and universally valued. Self-understanding, knowledge, competency, connection––when the people of the world embody these outcomes the world is a much better place for its people.

Although Karanga is still in its infancy, it has already engaged a wide range of global partners including ETS, Microsoft, Qatar Foundation International, the Learning Economy, CASEL, Harvard, World Innovation Summit for Education, the European Network for Social Emotional Competency, and Educate Lanka, along with Salzburg Global Seminar and The Learner First.

In the spirit of karanga, members of the global alliance are extending an invitation and welcome to educators everywhere who share in this vision for a better world for all.

We hope you will answer this call out in welcome, so that schools might be united in making lives better by connecting their learners to one another and the world.


If you are interested in joining the movement, please register at www.karanga.org.