Time to Connect

Connect With Others, Your Environments, Your Learning, and the World.

As humans, we can form connections with the people we know and interact with, the animals and environments around us, what we learn in our lives, and the whole of humanity. When we do, our lives are more meaningful and fulfilling because we’re making others’ lives, and the world, better.

The feelings of connection, closeness, and necessity ground us in others and add to our lives by helping us strive toward collective well-being. Nothing comes close to making other people happy, and we all want relationships built on mutual admiration, empathy, openness, and love.

But the ways that we live often hinder our connections––we don’t make the time, or we face other barriers. The current pandemic keeps us physically apart, but it offers an opportunity to connect in new ways. Instead of limiting your connections with others and the world, how might this health crisis strengthen those ties?

The second module from The Learner First’s Contribution Kit is Connection. As K-12 teachers, students, and families, I invite you to reflect on your own life’s connections in each of four areas:


Are you finding connection with the people you know?


Are you finding connection with your environments?


Are you finding connection with the things that you’re learning?


Are you finding connection with the whole of humanity?

Then, with a range of activities and tools, develop your connections and draw closer to others in ways that put good in the world.

Browse the Contribution Kit for the first two modules, and check back in for more soon!