Episode 1 – Maintaining Personal Wellbeing

“The minute we separate learning and wellbeing, we lose.”

Joanne McEachen

On episode one of her new series on QELi TV, The Learner First Founder and CEO Joanne McEachen was interviewed by Dominic Regester (Program Director, Salzburg Global Seminar) for a conversation on “Maintaining Personal Wellbeing” during the coronavirus crisis.

Joanne talks about what it means to have wellbeing, how educators can prioritize their own wellbeing during times of stress and uncertainty, and opportunities available for teachers and learners to develop wellbeing together, both in a remote learning or classroom environment. One of those opportunities is The Learner First’s Contribution Kit, designed to guide teachers and their students to contributive learning and lifelong wellbeing.

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You can watch episode one, “Maintaining Personal Wellbeing,” here.