SEL and Social Justice Series

“When we’re talking about equity, we have to redefine success. Because meaning and fulfillment is the new wealth, and contribution is the only way to earn it.”

—Joanne McEachen, CEO, The Learner First

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of educating the whole child and ensuring that their social and emotional needs are met through their learning. In response to educators’ growing needs in the area of SEL instruction, and to increasing social justice and equity concerns globally, Salzburg Global Seminar has released an online program on “Social and Emotional Learning & Social Justice,” a four-part series focused on SEL, inclusive pedagogies, and assessment.

In part four of the series, The Learner First CEO Joanne McEachen joins with Jennifer Groff (Qatar Foundation), Jacob Sherson (University of Aarhaus), and moderator Dominic Regester (Salzburg Global Seminar) to unpack SEL assessment strategies and their implementation in schools.

Learn about global efforts toward SEL and social justice by watching the series here.