Joanne McEachen at [RE]LEARN

Between November 9-20, 2020, the [RE]LEARN Online Learning Innovation Festival brought together thought leaders from around the world to share insights and strategies aimed at creating global shifts in education. With over 200 speakers and 60 countries represented, the festival gave educators the chance to collaboratively reflect on the purpose of education during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, offering new ways forward for educators and schools.

The Learner First CEO Joanne McEachen hosted a session on contributive learning, exploring how self-understanding, connection, knowledge, and competency can all come together in educational contexts to help learners find meaning, success, and fulfillment. As a follow-up to her presentation, Joanne was also interviewed by the hosts of the Game Changers Podcast for a further conversation on her contributive curriculum, and on how to help learners succeed in their own unique ways.

You can check out Joanne’s [RE]LEARN session here, and watch her conversation on the Game Changers Podcast here.