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It is time for a Global Education Vision 

The Learner First founder and CEO Joanne McEachen, along with international collaborators Vishal Talreja and Dr. Pilvi Torsti, recently published “Why We Need a Global Education Vision,” an urgent article illuminating the need for a global education agenda driven by local agency. While the world has become increasingly interconnected since the current educational model was developed some 150 years ago, there’s still limited collaboration among education systems across borders. This has resulted in disparate visions and agendas that aren’t serving students’ changing needs, nor doing nearly enough to solve the world’s shared crises and challenges. To help solve the education crisis, the authors urge the world’s leaders to adopt “a long-term global education vision with immediate concrete pilots across the globe,” not as a way of challenging national education systems, but rather of complementing their agendas with shared priorities for global progress. 

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Enterprising Women of the Year 

Joanne McEachen was recently named one of Enterprise World’s “Enterprising Women of the Year” for 2022, an honor recognizing her achievements over 10 years since the founding of The Learner First, and more recently for the development of Contributive Learning, a framework for integrating academic and social-emotional learning in everyday teaching to improve student, educator, and community well-being. 

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Just-in-Time Maths Experts 

The Learner First’s Rob Proffitt-White (Math and Numeracy Director) was recently featured in an article by Intrepid Ed News’s Richard Wells titled, “What Makes an Expert Teacher?” Rob’s practical, evidence-based approach to mathematics professional learning is advancing teachers’ and principals’ practice in the areas of math conditions, assessment, and design. Here’s a video from Rob with more on his approach and the impact it’s having on students and educators.