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Graduate Profiles in the World of AI

The rhetoric surrounding the purpose of K-12 education once centered on getting students “college ready.” It’s now more widely recognized that college isn’t the goal for all, and so the phrase “college and career ready” has entered common usage. But whatever language we’ve used throughout the era of standardization and testing, we’ve learned one thing […]

Contributive Learning™

As the school year in the USA comes to a close, educators in all types of roles are reflecting on the year and its successes and challenges. While there are so many successes each day for educators, challenges and stressors always seem to be the first—and longest—list created. No matter the year, pandemic or no pandemic, […]

Stop the Swing, Start from Center

By Beth Hamilton, Director, The Learner First USA. I recently stepped away from the schoolhouse after 20 years in education that encompassed roles as a teacher, instructional coach, and, for the last 10 years, an elementary school principal. A lot happens in 20 years, professionally and personally, and in my time of reflection these past […]