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Wellbeing First

When working with teachers and school-level leadership through the question of what matters most at their school, I like to tell them a tale of two students. Meet Lucas and Jasmine – two students whose stories are partially described in the following table of data, which includes Learning Progression ratings for Self-Understanding, Creativity, and Connection. […]

Community & Contribution: How Can Schools Improve Their Communities?

Communities across the United States share a common and worthy concern: how can our community improve its schools? The value we place on individuals’ education stems from the long-standing promise of the American school system that receiving an education leads to better-paying jobs, reduced inequality, and lifelong success. But despite being more highly educated than […]

Future for Us

In January 2019, Seattle’s Aparna Rae and Sage Ke’alohilani Quiamno launched Future for Us, an initiative designed to accelerate the advancement of women of color through community, culture, and career development. They envision a world where women of color lead at the highest levels of corporate, government, and social sector organizations. For everyone pioneering this […]

Chaos or Mindfulness?

After spending a week in Austria at the Salzburg Global Seminar on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), I was inspired to rekindle my attempts to make mindfulness a purposeful part of my life. The inspiration came from leading voices from all over the world – from Manish Sisodia (Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi), who spoke about […]

Diminishing Returns

A recent article from the FFT Education Datalab examined the effects of school quality on students’ long-term outcomes. The study compared students from lower- and higher-performing schools over the span of fourteen years and concluded that while measures of school quality were somewhat associated with measures of students’ long-term outcomes, the association diminished over time. […]

The Whole World Waits

In my experiences with teachers and school leaders in educational systems around the world, one frequently asked question stands out from the rest: “How can I balance the demands of the system with the interests and needs of my learners?” A lot is expected of teachers and school leaders, and those expectations don’t always align […]

Measuring Human Return

What do we value as humans? Some things are important no matter where or who we are. These universal human values demonstrate what we want for ourselves and others both individually and collectively, along with what it really takes to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life. They show us what matters and where we have […]

Calling All Teachers to Stop the Insanity

Let’s do our part, teachers, to stop the insanity. Let’s not wake up again, like every other day, to hear about the next mass shooting, the shooting of a person because of their color, or other tragedies of politics, famine, war, and hate, and then wonder why. We know why. We know that for decades […]