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From Despair to Hope: A Pathway Forward in Troubled Times

“While the challenges we face may seem insurmountable, we must remember that collective action can lead to meaningful change.” Joanne McEachen, Founder The Learner First It’s a daunting time to be alive. Every morning, we wake up to news of conflicts, injustices, and crises that shake our faith in humanity. As adults, we grapple with […]

Celebrating the Extraordinary Joy of Being a Woman

“We celebrate not just the achievements, but the very essence of womanhood that elevates humanity.” As we joyfully approach International Women’s Day, it’s a radiant moment to celebrate the sheer magnificence of being a woman. What makes this celebration so special is the unique and invaluable contributions women have made to the development of humanity, […]

Innovating Education: Navigating Challenges, Embracing Growth

As we scrutinize the traditional education system, it becomes evident that the well-intentioned model is struggling to keep pace with the demands and dynamics of the 21st century. The outcomes, far from being ideal, reveal systemic issues that contribute to a disconcerting state of affairs. Standardization Breeds Inequality The one-size-fits-all approach has perpetuated educational inequalities. […]

Rethinking Education Funding: Removing Dread from our Lives

In a world burdened by the weight of uncertainty and despair, where the pursuit of education often seems like a distant dream for many, a glimmer of hope emerged this morning. As a Global Education Expert deeply committed to fostering Contributive LearningTM and dismantling barriers to education, this development resonates profoundly with my mission to […]

Cultivating Educational Excellence

The quest for educational excellence is deeply entwined with identity, transcending borders, and ideologies. The question I am asked the most: What is the best school system in the world? This is the question that echoes across continents as I travel, and inevitably, it is swiftly followed by another inquiry: Where is one that you […]

Transformative Education: Nurturing Deep Connections Across Four Life Dimensions 

In the rich tapestry of education, the threads of interpersonal, environmental, conceptual, and universal connections weave a narrative that transcends traditional boundaries. As educators, our influence extends beyond the classroom, shaping not just minds but the very essence of the individuals we guide. Let’s explore how these dimensions can be the guiding pillars of an […]

The Purpose of Education – Rethinking the Foundations in the Face of Inequity

“Let’s challenge the status quo, question the foundations, and pave the way for an education that nurtures individuality, embraces diverse wisdom, and confronts the inherent inequities.“ Joanne McEachen, Waitaha, Ngāti Māmoe and Ngāi Tahu, is CEO + Founder of The Learner First, a global education consultancy operating in three countries. She is a bestselling author […]

Navigating the New Frontier of Education Leadership

In today’s fast-evolving educational landscape, the role of a principal or administrator has evolved to become even more crucial. The current state of the world, including the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, has created what anthropologists term a “liminal” period—a transitional phase characterized by uncertainty and disruption. In this ever-changing environment, effective leadership takes […]

A Child’s Journey of Self-Understanding

Place, Identity, Purpose, & Capacity In the captivating landscapes of Aotearoa New Zealand, a young child embarks on a fascinating journey of self-understanding, right from their school and the surrounding community. This is a journey that meanders through the mysteries of place, identity, purpose, and capacity, each aspect slowly revealing a part of their evolving […]