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Break Through the Mold: Assumption Shatterers in Education

Imagine a world where the education system is not just a one-size-fits-all approach but instead adapts to the unique needs and interests of every learner. Picture a system that blurs the lines between school and the real world, where students, families, and communities become active partners in the pursuit of knowledge. This isn’t an unattainable […]

Transitioning Towards Holistic Education: Embracing Authentic Assessment 

The current state of the education system has been marked by a gradual decline, revealing its underlying dysfunction over time. Graduates entering higher education and the workforce often find themselves ill-prepared for the complexities of the modern world. This steady deterioration prompts us to question the system’s sustainability and the necessity for transformative change.  Central […]

The Human Condition

February 13th was International Epilepsy Day. Every year until this one, it passed by me unnoticed. The same can be said for a lot of days like it—those that recognize illnesses, conditions, groups, or experiences shared by the many or few. If I or someone close to me didn’t share that particular experience, it wasn’t […]

My Mother’s Curriculum

From the moment we’re born, we learn from those around us. Our parents or caregivers, extended family and friends, and our environments teach us how to live and behave. Some of the things that we do are instinctual, but the rest is a product of life and experience—most importantly, of the people who help shape […]