Contributive Learning means learning to add to the world

We recognize and support teachers’ own wellbeing first and provide relevant tools and processes for them to be well so they can focus on all of the outcomes that matter for kids. We embed a social, emotional and cultural commitment to all learners, reflecting learners’ cultures, identities and humanity in what, how and where they learn.

Outcomes in Learner First schools

  • Improved student agency, efficacy, and outcomes
  • Increased engagement for students and teachers through a focus on school-wide wellbeing
  • Greater alignment between student academic outcomes and capabilities
  • Strategic pedagogical shifts that build teacher confidence and enhance learning design and assessment
  • Strengthened leadership strategic planning built on targeted professional dialogue and data analysis
  • Healthier, more connected school communities
    with a culture of inclusion and learning for all

“The Learner First has had an unbelievable impact on our teachers and students. The light is shining directly on ‘who’ our individual students are as human beings. The students realise that the teachers really care about who they are and the teachers can’t believe how this connection really makes a difference in the classroom. This is really powerful.”

Robyn Burton-ReePrincipal, Wellington Point State High School

“The Learner First helps a school reflect on current practice and challenges the norm. By the end of this exploration our leadership team has an Action Plan to move forward to improve our whole school culture.”

Deb StewartPrincipal, Maleny State High School

Support Options

Available as individual targeted support options or align all three below into a year-long intensive Change Team process to transform your school and the lives of your students and teachers. Year long options include an individualised schedule and action plan developed with you for your school.

Culture and Purpose

The Learner First process enables teachers and students to create a school community narrative that is positive and hopeful, and that affirms the wonderful diversity of the human condition. It’s a positive, inclusive, and equitable mindset that helps all learners positively contribute to our world.

  • Create a unique school ecosystem by developing and aligning the moral purpose of the school through the lens of the learners.
  • Implement effective classroom practices that will develop a culture where all learners feel purposeful and have a sense of belonging.
  • Shift mindsets and develop a shared understanding of key elements of identity, inclusion and wellbeing to create a shared language around the values and beliefs of your community.

Contributive Learning Design

The Contributive Learning Curriculum guides the development of purposeful teaching and learning environments that focus classroom culture, pedagogy, curriculum, and assessment towards the wellbeing and positive academic growth of every student.

  • Develop equitable classrooms where every child is equipped with self-understanding, connection, knowledge, and competency.
  • Through deep inquiry, teachers and students partner in the development of clear learning goals and powerful learning experiences
  • Student agency and voice take centre stage in an inclusive environment where students are architects of learning that is meaningful, engaging, and personally relevant.
  • Learn how to assess and respond to your students’ social and emotional learning needs while working within your curriculum.

Authentic Mixed Method Assessment (AMMA)

Gets to the heart of what each student needs by asking who they are and measuring the things that really manner to their learning, not just the things that are the easiest to measure.

  • Learn how to measure student learning using AMMA across your curriculum with a focus on formative and summative assessment synthesis
  • Expectations remain high, standards remain true and students are enabled to show what they know in the ways that best suit their learning style.
  • Engage in collaborative moderation of all elements of classroom practice, and reflection on unit design, pedagogical practices and assessment design.
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