Passivity is racist.

While we strive to promote equity and inclusion across our platforms, tools, and messaging, we have failed to explicitly call out the racism and white privilege that is so ingrained across the entire education system. We have also failed to use our platform to demand explicit change and an end to discriminatory and racist policies and behaviors.

Moving forward:

  • We will no longer use any passive language when it comes to addressing discriminatory and racist policies.
  • We will no longer be passive in our actions when behaviors and practices negatively impact and cost lives in BIPOC communities.
  • We will use our global platform to make sure speaking engagements, events, panels, etc. are no longer dominated by white voices and that platforms are prioritizing BIPOC voices and experiences.
  • We will require partners and clients to acknowledge and commit to addressing racism and discrimination in their organizations.
  • We will diversify the voices, stories, and events promoted by The Learner First.

This will be an ongoing learning journey for us as an organization and we welcome any engagement or feedback. In the meantime, we will work hard to promote organizations and conversations that are being led by BIPOC communities.