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TLF Monthly Connection

Welcome to The Learner First Monthly Connection. We hope to bring you inspiration, ideas to wonder about, and highlight ways educators across the world are contributing to making our world a better place by developing self-understanding, cultivating knowledge, fostering competency and making connections.

The Good and the Bad: Equity, Assessment, and the Great Education Crisis

The Learner First’s Joanne McEachen, Mary Coverdale, and Matthew Kane explore the ways that assessment, and a more meaningful understanding of academic success, can help create an equitable experience in schools.

Contributive Learning: Education for Positive Impact

The Learner First’s Joanne McEachen and Matthew Kane share the importance of Contributive Learning to unite education with positive application, so its uses improve people’s lives and the world. 

Professional Learning in Mathematics

Julie Roberts and Jonathan Fisher caught up Rob Proffitt White, The Learner First Executive Director of Maths, to find out about the recent professional learning workshops he ran with teachers and school leaders around New Zealand. They asked Rob about the underlying approach to the short-term Just-in-Time Maths initiative and his thoughts about future professional learning in mathematics. 

Contributive Learning develops self-understanding, connection, knowledge, and competency.

When these come together, we add to the world. And that leads to meaning, fulfillment, and well-being.

Reach out today to learn more or get started!

Develop self-understanding.
Cultivate knowledge.
Foster competency.
Make connections.

Don’t bring down—lift people up.
Don’t subtract—add to the world.

Learn to contribute, in your way, every day.