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Education is in crisis, but there is a way out. Schools can commit to contributive learning, so that all students learn how to add to the world.

The Depthvale Detectives and the Great Education Crisis is a story for educators, parents, and students about using your “powers”—your learning—for good. It can help you discover what it takes to contribute, and how to make well-being, meaning, and fulfillment the ultimate outcomes of all that you do. To get there, you just have to be a Detective. . . .

The Clover K-8 School community is struggling. A recent health crisis and a wealth of other challenges have lowered well-being, for many, to crisis levels. But as the shadow that looms over Depthvale darkens, one class of students starts battling back. With sights on how learning can help them contribute, the students face fear mongerers, naysayers, bullies, and even a villain of their own imagination, all to keep Crisis from ruling the world.

Authors Joanne McEachen and Matthew Kane’s years of experience leading educational change makes The Depthvale Detectives and the Great Education Crisis not only a joyful and spellbinding story, but a powerful resource for leading school change. With its embedded five phases of the Change Team Experience and accompanying tools, insights, and strategies, school communities can embark on a collaborative journey that drives deep discussion, develops well-being, and lights up the path to contributive learning.

from the foreword by Marc Brackett, Ph.D.

This book marks a true meta-moment for schools­­, a chance to consider what your best school would look like, and to choose the behaviors that bring it to life.

The Depthvale Detectives uses the power of storytelling to connect readers to the change that is essential in education. Every educator will be able to read this, see themselves and their school, and begin to think about how they can truly contribute to their own school community.

The story of the Depthvale Detectives is gripping. . . . The book transcends all boundaries and becomes relevant to everyone who interacts with the education system.

This beautifully illustrated tale of hope amid challenging times will reveal to readers education’s true purpose, show you the steps to create real change, and help you and all those around you discover the wonderful ways you can add to the world.