Personalized Learning

Joanne and Max talk personalized learning, personalized teaching, and racing turtles.

The Culture Iceberg

Hear Joanne and Max talk about how The Learner First explains, and changes organizational culture.


Joanne and Max talk about how The Learner First ensures that change continues long after we have left your system.

Inquiry Cycle

Joanne and Max explain how The Learner First uses, and helps you use, a cycle of inquiry for continuous improvement.

The Five Capabilities

Learn about the Five Key Capabilities that any system needs in order to thrive and be successful.

Assumption Shatterers

Joanne and Max talk about the assumptions that The Learner First shatters when we start working with a school or district.

Parents as Real Partners

Joanne and Max explain why working with parents and families is a core piece of the work that The Learner First does.